世界大会でも使用されるマシン Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle Gravimetric を使用してエスプレッソの抽出を基礎から説明します。抽出レシピの調整を感覚で行なっている方に特にオススメです。

1時間 4000円〜



同様にBlack Eagleを使用してミルクスチームの基礎、ミルクの作り分け(フラットホワイト、ラテ、カプチーノ等)、注ぎ方を説明します。安定したスチーム、どのマシンでも同じ様にスチームできる技術が身につきます。

1時間 4000円〜




1時間 5000円〜




1名様 3000円、2名様 5000円、3名様以上 2000円/人




1名様 4000円、2名様 5000円(2杯×2名) / 7000円(4杯×2名)






Our extraction is based on scientific evidence.
We offer a wide range of training, from improving your skills as a barista to brewing your own coffee at home, such as improving your extraction and steaming techniques, training to learn trial movements for those who want to work in cafés abroad, and coffee classes to improve the taste of your coffee at home.


・Espresso seminar
This seminar covers the basics of espresso extraction using the Victoria Arduino VA388 Black Eagle Gravimetric, a machine used in world competitions. Particularly recommended for those who adjust the extraction recipe by feelings.

From 4,000 / h

・Milk Steam Seminar
Similarly, using the Black Eagle, this seminar explains the basics of milk steam, the different types of milk (flat white, latte, cappuccino, etc.) and how to pour. You will learn how to steam consistently and how to steam in the same way on any machine.

From 4,000 / h

・Overseas trial seminar
You might be a foreigner that wouldn't need this. Just in case, this training is for people who are going abroad for study or working holiday and are thinking about working part-time in a café. It is very rare for those who work in a Japanese environment to be able to pass a trial. We provide training to increase your chances of passing the interview by working hard at extracting espresso and steaming milk.

From 5,000 / h

・Pour over seminar
We will explain the important points and pouring methods for pour over coffee at home. Anyone with the right equipment will be able to extract tasty coffee anywhere. Please ask for advice on extraction equipment; the session is scheduled to last about one hour.

3,000 for 1 person
5,000 for 2 people
2,000 / person for 3 people or more.

・Latte art class
You can pour and make your own simple latte art. If you would also like to make your own espresso, you can start by making your own espresso. 4 cups of cafe latte can be made. 1 hour is planned.

4,000 for 1 person
5,000 for 2 cups x 2 people / 7,000 for 4 cups x 2 people

Other personalised training and on-site seminars / training are also available.
Feel free to contact us in-store, email or via our contact form.

For wholesales, we offer regular training in recipe setting and extraction.
Visit our wholesale page.