’Cold Brew Rwanda −水出しコーヒー 'ルワンダ' −

’Cold Brew Rwanda −水出しコーヒー 'ルワンダ' −

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豆はルワンダ Nkara を使用しています。フローラルでスッキリとした仕上がりになります。





Are you ready for cold brew? These bags make your spring and summer much more fun!!

Each bag contains 30g, soak in 500ml of water and leave it in the fridge overnight (8-12 hours) to make delicious coffee. The coffee can be stored in the fridge for up to three days. Put it in your own bottle before going to bed and enjoy the taste easily in the office or outdoors.

The beans are Rwanda Nkara. It has floral refreshing acidity, really good for relaxing time.

A set contains three bags of 30g; a 20% discount for a set of four is also available. Also suitable as a gift. Please purchase together with drip bags.

※The coffee can be used for up to three months unopened. After opening, please use as soon as possible as the aroma is lost.