’Colombia El Paraiso【Geisha "Letty"】
’Colombia El Paraiso【Geisha "Letty"】
’Colombia El Paraiso【Geisha "Letty"】
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’Colombia El Paraiso【Geisha "Letty"】

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ここ Finca El Paraisoで行っている発酵は、彼らが培地(por medio de cultivo)と呼ぶものに基づくもので、チェリーの栄養の種類と代謝により発酵中に様々な香りを発生させることができます。Diego は科学的なアプローチで革新を続ける真の農家で、コロンビアで誰よりも早く、さまざまな種類の微生物や酵母を加えて発酵させる実験に着手しました。



※100g, 豆のままでの販売となります。発送はレターパックプラスになります。合計金額5000円以下の場合は送料の選択でレターパックプラスをお選び下さい。

The fermentation they do here at Finca El Paraiso is based on what they call the culture medium (por medio de cultivo), which allows different flavours to develop during fermentation depending on the type of nutrition and metabolism of the cherries. Diego is a true farmer of innovation with a scientific approach. He was one of the firsts in Colombia to start experimenting with fermentation processes, by adding different types of microorganisms and yeasts.

The main steps in the process are anaerobic lactic acid fermentation and temperature differential washing.
95% ripe cherries and 5% semi-ripe cherries are used, and the cherries are washed with filtered water to reduce the microbial load. The first fermentation stage of the cherries is at 18°C for 48 hours in an anaerobic bioreactor with a pressure relief valve.
Next, fermentation at 21°C for 48 hours. Washing with cold water transfers and fixes the secondary aroma produced by the fermentation of the culture.
This process, called thermal shock, uses water at 40°C and 12°C for washing, and drying at a temperature of 35°C and 25% humidity, with controlled air circulation for 34 hours until the beans are between 10% and 11% humidity.

Blooming produces a creamy aroma that seems it has texture. It has an acidity like redcurrant, strawberry or rose tea, with a sweetness that can be detected in mango or watermelon and a slight rooibos or ginger spicy aftertaste. It is ready to drink when the temperature has slightly cooled after extraction.


Country Colombia

Farm Finca El Paraiso Cauca

Region Piendamo, Cauca

Producer Diego Samuel Bermudez

Variety Geisha

Process Extended Fermentation, Thermal Shock Washed 

Altitude 1850masl

Tasting notes Strawberry, Mango, Red currant, Watermelon, Ginger, Rose tea, Rooibos